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Who We Are

The Canadian Coalition for Youth, Peace & Security is a network of over 80 individuals and organizations working or interested in Youth, Peace and Security with the primary purpose of uplifting each others’ work, advocacy and research.

Our Steering Committee

Our Coalition is member-driven, with ten Steering Committee members who ensure the coordination of the network and its daily operations.



My work promotes the YPS agenda by pushing for youth in Canada to be able to create their own solutions to conflict in their communities so that peace efforts are for youth and by youth.

I want to work in policy and research to support violence and conflict prevention work being done at the local level for children and youth.


Favourite flavour of ice

cream? Cookie dough, always

cookie dough.

A life changing experience

you’ve had?

It would have to be between leading a 4 week and 3 week canoe trips and living in South Africa for 3 months.

Gabriela 2.jpg


My work promotes the YPS agenda by supporting youth and their work, and by empowering youth to take

a seat at the table.

What is your dream job?

(That’s a tough one) My dream job is to run an organization that creates change and empowers people.


Coming soon!



I am passionate about ensuring young people have significant spaces in instances of power. Evidence-based decision-making should include youth. That is why I am focusing my PhD research on concerns of tokenism and answering the famous question -- what does 'meaningful' participation truly mean?


My work promotes the YPS agenda by promoting and demonstrating how young people can use their voices and actions to take a seat at the table and to create their own tables. I am inspired by people like Youth of Sumud who work everyday to lead non-violent movements in their community as youth leaders who strive for a peaceful future.

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I am passionate about YPS because I believe that youth possess the leadership potential, grounded knowledge and creativity to transform their communities and drive forward solutions. Avoiding homogenizing is critical to the YPS agenda. In my work, I continue to challenge stereotypes and resist silos that limit who is included and how issues are addressed.


As a young person I have always pushed for the voices of youth to be heard at all levels locally, nationally & internationally. A lot of my work is centred around gender, youth and migrant groups + on the WPS and YPS agendas. Over the past year I have focused more on the implications of the agendas in various parts of the world, like Canada and the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

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