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Queering Peace and Security

Thematic intersections with the Youth, Peace and Security resolutions is important. Our members have decided to highlight LGBTQIA+ experiences in peace and security matters as a priority for our Coalition.

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The participation pillar of the Youth, Peace & Security agenda demands for young people to be included at all levels of decision-making. This includes the meaningful participation of 2LGBTQIA+ youth!


The protection pillar of the Youth, Peace & Security agenda works to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for youth peacebuilders of all backgrounds where they are supported and protected in peacebuilding work. This includes addressing the persecution, violence, and criminalization 2LGBTQ+ peacebuilders are faced with.

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The prevention pillar of the Youth, Peace & Security agenda encourages the creation of inclusive and enabling environments in which young people from diverse backgrounds are recognized and supported in conflict and violence prevention activities and in social cohesion and reconciliation. This includes creating 2LGBTQIA+ inclusive spaces and activities for young people.


The Youth, Peace & Security agenda demands meaningful partnerships with youth who work to build peace at all levels. This includes young 2LGBTQIA+ community members, who are often marginalized and excluded as sexual and gender minorities.

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Disengagement and Reintegration

The disengagement and reintegration pillar encourages all those involved in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration to ensure a gender-sensitive and evidence-based response that includes investments in education, employment, training, and youth-led peacebuilding to promote a culture of peace.

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