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Influencing Policy

We believe that young people should not only be recipients of government programming but should be at the centre of developing policies. We collaborate with our members, other civil society groups and government entities to bring relevant, strong and robust policy solutions that affect youth in peace and security matters.


Implementing the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda, A Guide for Public Officials

We showcase Canadian examples on the global stage. The alternative approaches we have opted for in our policy advocacy have been featured in many guidebooks, including the Guide for Public Officials.

UN Youth Office

In mid-2022, we participated in the consultation process held by the Permanent Representatives of Egypt and Guyana to the United Nations. This allowed us to share our reflections and aspirations for the creation of a UN Youth Office.

WPS Dialogue FPS

We make an active decision to contribute to civil society-led consultative efforts for policymaking on peace and security.

This includes in the next National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.

WPSNC_CNAP WPS-Gains, Gaps & Goals_March 2021.png

Feminist Foreign Policy

We believe that feminism includes everyone. That's why we have advocated for YPS to be integrated into Canada's Feminist Foreign Policy as a standalone priority.

Reflections on Canada's National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security: Gains, Gaps & Goals

We actively contribute to policy discussions on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) to ensure young women are considered in the intersection of WPS and YPS.

Read our chapter entitled: "Leaders of today: Building Strong Synergies Between Youth, Peace and Security & the Women, Peace and Security Agendas"

U.S. YPS Act

Our friends down South at the US Coalition for YPS put forward a bill before Congress on YPS. We actively supported them and partnered to raise the visibility of their campaign.

WPSNC_Progress Report_Sept 2021.png

Reporting on Progress: Reflections on the Latest CNAP Report

We closely monitor policy implementation in Canada to ensure young people are well-informed and included in government decisions.

Read our chapter entitled: "Women and Youth": Creating Real Space for Young Women in Canada's Implementation of the WPS agenda"

Youth, Peace and Security Adviser's Handbook

We contribute to global spaces as well. The United Nations and regional bodies are also responsible for implementing YPS. We influence policy by making information accessible to decision-makers in those spaces of power.

2021 State of Youth Report

Canada adopted its first Youth Policy in 2019. Although the policy and its first State of Youth Report are conflict- and peace-blind, we played a key role in highlighting domestic concerns outlined by the YPS resolutions.

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